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Ministry Of Industry
Industrial Information Department 

Regional Departments

The Ministry of Industry is represented in each of North Lebanon, South Lebanon, Bekaa, Nabatiyeh, Akar and Baalbeck El hermel Mohafaza by a regional department which holds within the scope of the mouhafaza the tasks assigned to it under this decree, taking into account the provisions of Legislative Decree No. 116 Date 12/6/1959.

Regional departments are linked administratively and technically to the Directorate-General of the Ministry of Industry. Regional departments consist of:

- Administration and Reviews Bureau
- Industrial Services Bureau
- Industrial Permitting & Control Bureau
  • Regional department in Bekaa (Zahle)
    Mar Mikhayel Str. - Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture bldg. 3rd flr.
    Tel: 08-805700
    Fax: 08-805700

  • Regional department in North Lebanon (Tripoli)
    Governmental Saray of Tripoli, 3rd flr.
    Tel: 06-440189 / 06-442486
    Fax: 06-440189

  • Regional department in South Lebanon (Saida)
    Governmental Saray of Saida, 4th flr.
    Tel: 07-751053
    Fax: 07-751053

  • Regional department in Nabatiyeh (Nabatiyeh)
    The post Str. near governmental Saray of Nabatiyeh – Sabah center, 3rd flr.
    Tel: 07-767968
    Fax: 07-767968
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